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Drawcam Reference Guide v1.1.1

Drawcam is a simple program to use - see the 10 sec tutorial! It uses the metaphor of a digital camera - the user interface resembles the back of a modern digital camera, with a live preview/viewfinder screen, some controls and a prominent shutter button.

The Basics

Drawcam is an Android app that allows real-time modification of pictures coming from the device's camera. There are a range of filters available for adjusting the image - with a concentration on draw/art -type effects. The effects can be customized via up to 6 parameters, and these, too, can be adjusted interactively in real time. The range of adjustments is wide, and unusual and unexpected effects can often be found by using parameter values well away from the defaults. Once the shutter button is pressed the image is frozen and stored internally, and can be modified and saved repeatedly. As well as working with the live feed from the camera, Drawcam can also be used on imported images.


Live state

The image above shows Drawcam in its initial "live" state - the "viewfinder" is showing a filtered version of the live pictures coming from the camera. The prominent silver shutter button is surrounded by a green light, indicating that the app is in the live "go" state.


Stopped State

If the shutter has been pressed or an image has been imported the viewfinder will not show a live picture - the app is in the stopped state. The stopped state is indicated by the red light around the shutter button. (When you click the shutter to start taking a picture the shutter surround will be amber until the operation is complete.) You can return to the live state at any time by pressing the shutter button. You can also hit the device's "back" button. (A press on the back button in the live state will exit the app.)


Please note, changing the current filter or adjusting filter parameters does not affect the image stored in the app - it is still in its original unfiltered state, so you can change each as many times as you want with no degradation in image quality. Simply save any variation on a picture that you like the look of by pressing the export/save button.


Sharing pictures

If you have a picture that you like you can save it at any time to your device's memory and gallery by clicking on the save/share button. If you want to share a picture at any time (whether or not you have saved it to your device) then you can do this as follows:


Menu Options

Clicking on your device's menu button will present you with a standard menu.



If you click on your device's menu button you will be able to bring up a Preferences dialog. This is a completely standard Android GUI element so no attempt will be made to explain how to use it. This section describes the meaning of the available Preference options for Drawcam.



Front Camera


Picture Sharing


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