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Render Palette

The last palette to consider is the render palette, always available at the bottom right of the screen.

When you click OK, the picture will be re-rendered at the chosen size and quality, before being saved. It will also be inserted into the Android Gallery. Note that large images or high qualities can lead to render times of the order of a few minutes. Notifications will be shown to indicate that the program is actually working on your request. At present, it is important to let the render, compress and save process complete before exiting or switching away from the app. The image will be available in your gallery app. Images are saved using lossless compression for the highest quality. If the image looks rough/blocky in the gallery it has either been saved at a small size or else the gallery caching process has not yet caught up with the new file.

If you wish to access the images on your device (to copy to a PC, say), mount it via USB/wireless as instructed in your manual and you will find the images in /SourcesPro (or /SourcesLite). There is a bug in Android 4+ where sometimes new files do not show up when browsing via USB. If this happens the only solution at the moment appears to be rebooting the device.

Note, both the Render and Animate buttons have an arrow at their bottom left corner. This is to indicate that a long click on either button will bring up a configuration screen (like the one above, but with the filename field replaced by a numeric speed field) to allow you to configure size, quality and speed. By default, rendering and animation run with a reduced size to get the best performance.



When you click on the Crop button in the render palette you will be shown a display similar to that on the left. The entire scene will be shown in miniature*, with the outline of the current crop settings shown in red. Initially, this will be full height, or full width if in landscape orientation. You adjust the cropping by dragging with your finger. If you touch near one of the corners and drag, the red frame will resize at that corner. Dragging from anywhere else will cause the frame to move.

The current crop bounds rectangle also contains faint guide lines at half and third positions to act as aids for composition.

*In fact, the image extends to the full size of the crop screen, but the crop frame will be unable to move beyond its normal square bounds. The inaccessible areas will be shown dimmed. In addition, the working area outside of the current crop rectangle will also be dimmed a little.

There are five buttons on the screen:

Pressing any of these three buttons will return the program to the normal screen.

The zoom buttons are provided so that you can have greater control over cropping. Zooming in will centre the display on the current crop area. You can zoom in so far that the crop frame may no longer be visible, but whenever you re-enter the crop screen the magnification will be reduced (if necessary) such that the entire crop frame is visible. If you are fully zoomed-in or zoomed-out the corresponding button will be disabled.

In addition, the crop screen can be used for selecting sources. The crop screen gives an overview of the entire workspace – the normal working area display may well have sources situated off-screen. To select on the crop screen simply click on the desired source. As usual, if the selection is ambiguous you will be presented with a menu of possibles to choose from. You cannot unselect in the crop screen. Selection is not affected by which button is used to dismiss the screen – you can select and hit cancel to be guaranteed to have performed only a selection with no change to the crop bounds.



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